Notebook Blogger Template

Back again with a unique and fresh blogger template. It looks like notebook and can be used as your personal diary. Notebook blogger template is great for personal blogs in which you love to share your experiences and thoughts.

Notebook Template Features

Notebook Template Features

Notebook Like Text Body
Your text will be served in a more awesome way than the typical white backgrounds. Your reader will get attracted to read it because it looks like a personal diary.

Popular Blogger Templates Collection

Blogger Templates are the most essential part of a blog. It not only gives a good look to your blogger hosted blog but also provide layout for you to efficiently manage your widgets and blog posts. Though blogger provide many templates in its dashboard, different blogs have different requirements. Good blogger templates makes your visitors more engaged in your blog. Instead of editing your default blogger templates, it is better to search for the blogger templates that fits in your blog niche. That helps you focus more on your posts than searching and wasting your time on customizing your template. There are themes available for every kind of niche.
Blogger Templates
Blogger Templates
I recently designed two blogger templates, Prevogue and Artcase. So, I thought to showcase a collection of the best themes that are ever made for blogger. We are here with some of the most popular and most productive blogger templates that will help you in your blogging journey.

Get More Likes And Exposure For Facebook Page

Facebook being the most popular social networking site has a lot of potential when it comes to marketing and promoting your content. Although spamming is killing facebook communities but with some good moves you can acquire a lot of limelight. We will here discuss three ways of gaining more likes on your facebook page. Of course there is adding facebook like box to your blog way of gaining more likes.

Using @ On Facebook

Facebook @tag feature is quite old but not many people use it. @ is used on facebook wall or comments to invoke any facebook page or profile. You can use it not only to tag your facebook friends but also tag any facebook page. Facebook has a nice feature which automatically suggest you while you type in the words.

Show Or Remove Date From Google Search Result

Google receives more than 3 billion search queries each day which makes it more popular search engine than all the others combined. With time google have developed a lot not only in terms of it's search algorithm but also in showing the search results. Meta description, Date, Google authorship and Ratings are features that help visitors choose the best among the search results displayed on google. Among them showing publishing date on search result page is most helpful for blogger especially new bloggers. People searching for news on any topic usually go for articles with more recent publishing date shown on google search result.

10 Points Checklist To Decrease Bounce Rate For Blogger Users

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that left your blog after viewing single page. Let's say you have 100 visitors on your blog on some day and out of those only 10 visitors clicked on any other page within your site. Other ninety left your site just after viewing the single landing page. Then your bounce rate is 90% which is actually quite bad. Anything less than 70% bounce rate is good for a blog. The lesser, the better. Bounce rate gives you an idea of how well your blog is received by your visitors. High bounce rates signify that visitors are only interested in the a piece of information and not your site. You need to make your blog more interesting and provide valuable content to gain your visitors trust. But, this is not all.

Latest News Widget For Blogger

People love news and breaking stories especially something that is related to their interest. Blogger is very limited with widgets especially interactive widgets. But we are here to learn to add a breaking news widget to our blogger hosted blogs. We will use JavaScript to recall the news posts and play show and hide with them. We will then add some styles and colors to make it look awesome on your blog.
The best thing about this Breaking News Widget is that whenever you create a news post, the title text of that post automatically start to show up on rotation and you don't need to manually update it. So, you just have to add the codes to your blogger template once and forget it.